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MJM said:   February 21, 2013 12:07 pm PST
Sounds like everyone needs to look out for the Community SNAKE. I always heard he was one. The Kempton residents aren't as dumb as he might like to think. I believe most of them realized he was a SNAKE from the beginning. How much did he pay for that "mop" on his head? Or how much of the donations did he use?

Jenn said:   February 20, 2013 4:35 pm PST
If you have to rely on donations to pay a mortgage or your bills, you have no business flying anywhere for anything…unless it’s work-related. The Presidential Inaguration is not work-related by any means. This just shows me that he cannot be trusted. A person who claims something as his own, that isn’t his, is not to be trusted. I just don’t want this community to be cheated out of their hard-earned money or to be misled into believing something that is far from the truth. In addition to all of that, a museum in Tipton, has a photo of members of the Stroup family in it. They took the photo down and allowed us to scan it for research purposes. He then wanted to use the photo in the documentary about the Dunham family but there were copyright questions about this photo and his reply was, “I dare them to sue me.” This is a man who cannot be trusted. It has gotten to the point where the Dunham family doesn’t even trust him. I just want everyone to be aware and be careful. Also, My mother is still working on Dunham Family history (for the Dunham Family and historic purposes, will NOT be shared with the house) so if anyone has any stories, photos (copies please, no originals), or info about the Dunhams, Stroups and Goondnights and would like it added to her files please feel free to contact us

Jenn said:   February 20, 2013 4:34 pm PST
Part 2: I feel that if this community is donating money in support of this house those people have the right to know if the money is being spent for what it’s supposed to be used for or if it is being used to pay his bills, do his laundry, or fly him to Washington D.C. He has also claimed that he cannot make the mortgage payments on this house. If he cannot make the mortgage payments, how is he going to D.C.? He even tried to claim private property, (not his property), as his own and said that since that property originally belonged to the Dunham family, it rightfully belongs to him now, even though the Dunham family donated the property in the 60’s. To accentuate the fact that he seems to believe he is deserving of the donations to pay for this house and everything in it, even though those funds are not going to what people were lead to believe they would be used for, the house needs a new well and he has stated that the farmer who owns the field across the street should be responsible for paying to have a new well drilled. He cannot afford the house, yet flies to D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration. It leaves me wondering what is really going on. I could care less if this person flies to D.C. for the Presidential Inaguration, in general. The problem I have is that this same person claims to be broke and seems to rely on donations to pay the bills for that house.

Jenn said:   February 20, 2013 4:33 pm PST
Part 1: I am posting as a concerned citizen of this town and community. Most everyone in Kempton knows me and my mom, Vicki. You probably also know we have spent countless hours volunteering at the Dunham House for the last four years until recently. I do not wish to see anyone else hurt or used by the owner of this house so I am writing this to make you aware of what has been going on.  In the past 4 years I have seen for myself and heard some very hurtful and sketchy things being said about this community by this person. Just this past October my mom was told, "Everyone in Kempton and Tipton County are stupid idiots." I have seen fundraisers being held at the house for certain items to be purchased for the house and 2 years later these items have still not been purchased . For example: Christmas dinner to purchase tables...these tables were never purchased. We used to put loose change in the donation box by the front door until one day it was opened and money was taken out and I was told “I have to do laundry tomorrow." We stopped putting change in that box after that. There have even been items donated to the house, which end up disappearing, and are never seen again after he takes possession of these items, (more than likely sold to pay his personal bills). My mother has been researching the Dunham Family for almost 4 years now yet newspapers and film crews have been told that he has done it all, (I would think it would be hard for him to claim he did it since it is all at our house.) I just want everyone to be careful about what money you give to the house and what time you spend helping someone who doesn't even like this community. He has on many occasions voiced his disdain and lack of respect for this community.

Ronald Clidence said:   January 9, 2013 5:15 pm PST
As an added note to Kempton grows.I have a photo of Samuel Lewis Sr.standing outside a barbershop in Kempton.There was no date on it but I guessed it abt 1923.As I recall it did look like a grocery barbershop combo. Sam and Mabel lived a mile north and west of Hillsburg.

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