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Waste Water Project

Notice of a Town Meeting and Public Hearing to Discuss the Progress of the Town of Kempton's Sewer System and the New Sanitary Sewer Bill that Residens Will Have to Pay.

The Town of Kempton's septic systems discharge raw sewage to local ditches and streams in violation of State and Federal Laws.

On March 12, of 2012 the Town received a Notice of Violation from the State.

Continued violations could have resulted in civil fines and penalties. Without "legal" treatment of sanitary wastes homes in Kempton could be declared uninhabitable.

On May 14, 2012 The Town signed an agreed order and compliance plan with IDEM. This order and compliance plan included construction of a sanitary sewer system for the Town and surrounding areas. The Town would be liable for fines and penalties if it did not follow the compliance plan timetable. 

On May 16, 2014 The Town had it's engineering report on the construction of the sanitary sewer system approved by the State.

On Feb 26, 2015 the town received construction bids on the construction of the sewer system. This system will cost $3,500,000.

The Town has received over $1,500,000 in "free money" from various state agencies to assist with the construction of the Town's sewer system.
Unfortunately there is not enough "free money" to pay for the entire cost of the system.. Many other communities in Indiana have similar problems and many of those are not receiving any "free money" from the State. There is no "free money" to pay the annual expenses of operation and maintenance of the sewer system. Town residents will need to pay for that.

The construction of the sewer system is expected to take 12 months. The monthly fee to operte the system and pay the principal and interest on the construction debt is $95 per month per household. 

The Kempton Town Council is in the process of advertising a special meeting and a public hearing on the new sanitary sewer monthly fee. This meeting will be held at the Town Hall on Monday Apr 13, 2015 at 6 pm to talk about the progress and it's timetable. Members of the Town's engineering firm will be available to discuss the connection procedure and the location of the connection for individual homes.

The Kempton Town Council encourages all Town Residents to attend this meeting to find out more about the Town's sewer system and their responsibilitys for that system which was ordered by the State. 

There will be an interim billing of $45 being sent out in May. This will continue each month until the project is finished and then regular rates of $95 will be sent monthly. There will be a 10% late fee and after a period of 60 days a lien on property will be done. This will be done to be sure each resident carries their share of the load. The clerk has billing information forms in the town office for each resident to fill out and return. You will find some at the P.O. and a few at area businesses. The clerks office opens at noon but will be keeping other irregular hrs while this project is going on. New phones and answering machine are being installed for questions and messages. Just be sure your billing information is turned in for billing to begin mid may to avoid a late fee. The billing information must be the actual home owner not the renter or contract buyer. 

Bring your questions to the April 13th meeting
Sewer bills are due on the 15th of each month unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday.  If bills aren't paid by that date, a late charge of 10% will be assessed the next day. In most cases, this is $3.80.

As most of you can see, the road are a mess.  Many resident's yards are just as bad.  It has been stated at several meetings with Lou Savka from Triad Engineering that it will get worse before it gets better. They will be laying grass seed in September.  They will also have to return resident's property back to the condition that is was before construction.  This will take time.  Please be patient. This is huge step in the right direction for Kempton.
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