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205 S. Main St.   PO Box 146   Kempton, IN. 46049   Ph. 765-947-5694

On August 24th the Town of Kempton was awarded a Match Grant from INDOT to make a total of $70,000 to apply towards the paving of Kempton streets. Pictured above is Rebecca Sherrill, Clerk/Treasurer, Ron Hammach, Board Member, and Tina Winn, Utility Mg.



The new estimated timeline concerning the project this fall.......

9/16/15  Pre-closing of SRF loan.
9/29/15  Closing of SRF loan.
10/7/15  Estimated closing of OCRA grant.
10/14/15  Construction contract award and notice to proceed.
10/21/15  Construction to begin.
10/30/15  First sewer bills at interim rates are sent out.
11/15/15  Due date of first sewer billing at interim rates.
11/30/15  Date of first monthly payment to SRF's trustee bank for semi annual interest (and on the 30th               of each month after that)
7/1/16  First SRF semi-annual interest payment due.
11/1/16  Construction complete. Sanitary sewers available to residents.
12/1/16  First bill received from Tipton for sanitary flow treatment.
12/15/16  Due date of first sewer billing at FULL rates.
12/30/16  Due date of first monthly payment to SRF's trustee bank for semi interest AND principle      payment due (and on the 30th of each month thereafter)
1/1/17  Second SRF semi annual interest payment due.
7/1/17  First semi annual SRF principle due.
7/1/17  Third semi annual interest payment due.

Also at the Sept. 15th meeting the 2016 Town budget will presented for viewing and will be adopted at the Oct meeting. The Kempton budget will no longer be required to advertise in the newspaper but will be uploaded into the IN gov site. To view

 Wind Energy Economic Development grant program recently awarded Kempton with a grant. We are very proud of this because there were over 2 million in applications with only about $600,000 available. We were awarded with a $38,200 grant with part going to purchase a new patrol car (which is on order) and the remainder going to purchase a badly needed town truck. (searching)

Our town is indeed moving forward. 

Duane Powell... Board President
Alice Book...Board Member 
Adam Bitner...Board Member

Rebecca Sherrill...Clerk/Treasurer

Rick Bennett...Town Marshal

Tina Winn....Utilities

Mike Maxwell...Town Maintenance 

The Community Center offers gym rental, meeting rooms, kitchen area, office space, and indoor storage for cars and boats. Phone 765-947-5694 any afternoon for rates and availability.
A piece of our history is now gone. The Masonic Building above had to be brought down due to unsafe conditions. The gazebo and park on the right now sits on the site.
Grandpa's Woods written and sung by Ed Swain
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